Glue-less wigs are easy and quick to install, great for women on the go.They last longer because the lace isn't being manipulated⁠ and damaged with harmful adhesives.They protect your natural edges and skin from harmful glues⁠.They work great for an active lifestyle, no slippage or lifting also great for those who love to switch out their styles regularly.⁠

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Get to Know Us

Beauty By Dom was created by ShEO Dominique to provide women with luxurious hair without the hassle. Natural hair care is also very important to us thats why we offer exclusively glue-less units to make sure your protective style stays protective.

We believe that EVERY women should experience luxury in their everyday lives and what better way to do this than by providing luxury with hair.

Hair is something that is very important to many women and having a stress free style that also looks naturally beautiful is the icing on the cake! With every wig we strive to create a moment of luxury for our clients who may not have the time to indulge in other luxuries.