Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between Lux Lengths and BOAB Lengths?

Why is the processing time so long on wigs and hair?

Our processing time inculdes us ordering nd recieving hair from our vendors, preforming a quality check on your products and if you have ordered a wig we will also be contructing your unit as all wigs are custom made to order.

Can the hair be dyed?

Yes! all bundles and lace peices as well as wigs can be bleached and dyed to the clients desired colour.

How long does it take to ship hair orders (excluding custom wigs)

All hair orders have a processing time of 5-6 business days, during this time I am ordering and receiving hair from my vendor. Shipping to canada can take anywhere from 2-5 business days & shipping USA wide cn take frome 4-7 business days.

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