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Beauty by Dom

The Target Audience Cheatsheet

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Ready to finally reach the  PERFECT audience you have been longing for? The target audience cheat sheet is MADE FOR YOU!

If you are struggling with keeping your audience engaged and purchasing it may be that you are not targeting the right people.

Tell me does this sound like your business:

- low engagement on social platforms

- low to no sales even with consistent posting

- complaints about your prices from your current followers

If so this book will be extremely beneficial to you, with this investment you will gain access to a detailed hands on workbook that walks you through the exact steps needed to find a properly target the ideal clients for your business. This is an excellent resource to look back on after completion to keep you on track and more importantly MAKING MONEY!

*This is a digital product a copy will be sent by email as soon as your order is placed*

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Care Instructions

Washing Your Hair:

Shampoo and condition/deep condition your raw hair wig using lukewarm water weekly. Doing so will prevent sweat and dirt from building up in your hair and cap and also prevents tangling. Post cleansing, apply some quality leave-in conditioner at the ends and work it upwards towards the roots.

How to Detangle:

Just like you comb your natural hair, it’s important to gently comb your wig as well as often as possible to avoid tanglng. It is suggested to begin at the ends and work all the way up, one part at a time, to the roots. Keep the hair moist with the help of a spray bottle to ease out the process and minimize breakage.


Hair extensions must be left to air dry. However, if using a blow-dryer is required, keep the dryer setting on cool. The heat from the blow dryer can cause damage to your extensions and negatively impact its durability. The hair must be sectioned neatly to prevent tangling while air drying. Also be sure to utilize a protectan serum or spray before heat styling in any way.

Protect your Ends:

Once your wig is clean after a wash, a light serum can be used on it to combat heat damage and spilt ends. It also leaves your hair with a voluminous shine. It works like a protective coat on hair and prevents water from evaporating, thereby keeping the hair soft, hydrated, and healthy.

DISCLAMER: Just like your own hair if you dont take care of your wig the quality will not last. Our wigs are made with HUMAN HAIR and should be treated as such to ensure a long lasting unit.

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